There is so much information out there that teaches men “how to dress” and “what to wear”.

So much so that it is confusing and often leads to poor fashion decisions.

But we can fix that. 

More often than not, it is the simplest wardrobe choices that give amazing results.

But these simple changes are not spoken about very often.

We have broken these simple changes down for you into 5 simple steps.

Match the same colour of your shoes to your trousers

Matching the colours worn on your lower body gives an elongated look to your legs.

When you wear contrasting coloured shoes to your trousers, you break that line.

This interruption shortens the visual look of your legs.

Wear these dark leather boots with dark coloured jeans to keep the line clean.

Simple, but effective.

Fashionable man wearing black jumper

Choosing darker clothes create a sharp look.

Break in your new leather shoes properly

So you’ve got a new pair of leather dress shoes (Oxford or Derby shoes, check out our blog on the differences) but the leather is stiff.

The shoes have a shine to them which looks a little out of place, and they are also somewhat uncomfortable.

But after a period of time, the leather magically becomes very comfortable.

This is called breaking in your shoes.

Quality leather dress shoes are very stiff when new as the leather is not flexible.

Learning how to break in new shoes without the pain is not difficult, and blisters can be avoided by some simple forward planning.

Firstly, always buy them a week or more in advance before you need to wear them so that you have the time to break them in properly.

And second, wear the shoes for 10 mins at a time, increasing by 10 mins each time until you can wear them for an hour.

Or just wear thick socks (joking).

Seriously though, breaking in new shoes that are made with natural leather is important as it gives them a slightly worn look that looks more natural and helps you actually walk in them.

It’s win-win.

Wear something unique (but discreet)

This could be a simple accessory that not many men wear, a nice watch for example.

Surprisingly, not many men actually wear watches on a day to day basis, and so a huge amount of fashion points can be gained from making a simple change.

It also keeps the beholder’s eyes interested in you, due to this different accessory.

A tasteful necklace also has the same effect.

No flower shirts though, keep it subtle.

Dark clothes are better

When in doubt, go for darker colour palettes.

Grey, black, or navy.

Not only are darker colours far more friendly if we have been avoiding the gym recently, but (when well ironed) require little effort to look sharp.

For example, there is a reason why when you chose that sweater it was either navy or black.

Darker colours just work better for men.

Leather Oxford shoes by Peter Blade

Our leather Oxford shoes sharpen any formal wear.

Pay for quality footwear

Quality men’s shoes are worth the investment as they (if taken care of correctly) last years if not decades.

They also tie in together any mediocre outfit and can easily portray a variety of styles.

Want a vintage look to go with your jeans and jacket? Don a pair of Chelsea or ankle boots.

Looking for something to set apart your suit from others in the office? Grab a pair of blue tinted leather oxford shoes.

Achieving a sharp look is not difficult and all it takes is some simple changes to your wardrobe decisions.

Peter Blade is a men’s shoe designer and manufacture, creating  quality leather footwear for over a decade. 


Stylish man wearing a suit.

Quality shoes provide timeless style and can last for years.