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Men’s footwear fashion trends you must know in 2019

Just as you were getting comfortable in your post-Christmas onesies and rediscovering the power of layering, the fashion-proactives among us have begun to think about our 2019 wardrobe.

The transition from the darkness and frostbite of winter to the rising haze of spring brings many opportunities to ditch the furry-lined man-uggs and look to something a bit more freeing.

New men’s shoes are often an expensive investment, but an important one.

So in order for you to be in the best position available, we have handpicked some golden men’s shoes and boots trends that you should be thinking about for 2019.

Here are our four men’s footwear trends that you need to know in 2019.

Chunky Leather hikers

Chunky men's leather boots against a wooden wall

Our boots are made with premium natural leather.

Men’s leather boots are striding forwards as the progressive-smart footwear of choice.

Even if you’re en route to the office or contemplating searching for the lost tomb of Khaem on a Monday morning (and let’s face it, taking the morning tube or metro basically involves similar pressures on our feet), it is great to know that you’re covered.

What is great about these boots is that they offer immense flexibility.

You can pair them with a stylish (but looser fitted) suit, or with a pair of chinos for a smart (but out of Africa) look.

We like.

Pair your leather hikers with colourful laces, such as on our Pachuca black leather boots, and give a break in colour and a bit of flair to your attire.

Men's leather boot in a dark lit room

Our Pachuca boots have dark leather and are splashed with orange for a subtle flair.

A final note is that these boots often offer immense lifetime value as a properly handmade pair, that uses quality natural leather can last you for years if cared for.

Lace-less sneakers

Man wearing leather shoes with rubber laces

Lace-less shoes are comfortable and grip the foot superbly.

We are in 2019 now (can you believe it) a time of limitless ease and simplicity.

Your shoes should be no different.

You no longer need to faff about with tying your laces and then figuring out where to hide the ends (often under your feet) as shoe, dare we say, ‘technology’ has evolved.

Gone are the days of endless knots.

Gone are the days of tripping up over yourself, or getting your laces nasty and wet in that puddle that doesn’t seem to ever dry up outside of the office.

Here comes the rubber lace.

See them on our AUTOIRE112 men’s casual sport sneakers.

But “you can’t tighten your shoes” we hear you exclaim!

And we understand the worry; but fear not.

Our rubber laces have been specifically designed to grip the foot and not to slacken.

They have also been designed to look like real laces, and so your friends will not ever think you lack the lace-tying abilities most adults have.

Colourful Dress Shoes

men's leather oxford shoes with a leather sole

Our Oxford shoes create a sharp silhouette when paired with a fitted suit.

Dress shoes traditionally come in two colours, black and brown. Which is…fine.

But 2019 will see the mold breaking as men move towards a more colourful year.

Sales in non-traditional Oxford and Derby dress shoes have grown at the bum-end of 2018, solidifying our rationale.

New designs of premium leather dress shoes will include colourful tints, such as the Floret BLACKIBLUE Oxford shoe, with infused blue leather.

Men's leather Oxford shoe

The Flor Blackblue Oxford shoe uses infused blue leather to create a unique style.

Pair these dress shoes with a simple, yet fitted suit for a sharp silhouette and let the shoes (subtly) do the talking for you.

What we love about these designs is that they are not loud or outlandish – the style is in the quiet nature of the colour.


Moccasins are back in for 2019. Gucci is doing it, and so it’s going to be a thing. Trust us on this one chaps.

Moccasins are fairly classic shoes and can be used for many occasions; from smart casual events to casual parties, they handle each with ease.

For a more modern look, pair them with a relaxed outfit, hoodie and no-show socks.

Peter Blade is a designer and manufacturer of men’s shoes with over a decade of experience in the industry. All footwear is handmade, and features premium, natural leather.

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