You can pay by credit card. Payment for purchases using credit cards is by e-transactions (secure payment of Agricultural Credit): Visa, MasterCard, issued in Spain or PayPal payment: Visa, MasterCard, or issued in Spain. In both cases, simply indicate the card number, expiration date and control number of the same: the last three digits of the number inscribed on the back, next to the signature. The payment is validated receipt of the requested information supplements if payment by credit card need further checks. No prior registration is required to make a payment with e-transaction. If payment is PayPal, duty · have an account with the company PayPal, and will be the general conditions of use thereof which apply. Peter Blade reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or enforce an order coming from a consumer who does not have paid the full or partial payment of a previous order or with which it had a payment dispute ongoing management.

Transaction security

Peter Blade offers all means to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transmitted over the web. Peter Blade will also , all the freedom to proceed to direct cancellation of an order to submit one or more risk factors for fraudulent use of the card.