About us

Welcome to Peter Blade's world

Peter Blade’s story begins from his personal values. Created in 2007 the brand wants above anything to adapt these values to current society. He is as much dandy as he is aristocrat. Peter Blade is an unic character, who wants to combine commerce with respect, family and team spirit.

Peter Blade's story

Behind this project we find Xavier Darblade. A professional in the shoe industry and a man passionated about natural materials, quality, design and confort. He named his brand Peter Blade, after his father, his father called Pierre Darblade. There is no better start than having a special relation with the name of your brand. The main idea was creating a shoe brand which brings 4 important attributes to the customer:

• Quality

• Design

• Traditional artisartisanal methods

• Comfort

Brand's philosophy and values 

Peter Blade is built on a clear bases of: team work, respect, love for work, artisanal methods supported by innovation and healthy lifestyle. We cooperate with passionated friends from different fields: sports, actors, musicians, car drivers, journalists, cooks, etc.